Category Topics

Junk Drawer

Just like all the free stickers you’ve acquired at events over the years - throw all those posts you’re just not quite sure where to put right here in the Junk Drawer.

Injury + Prevention

We’ve all been there, so let’s talk climbing injuries and prevention here! Please remember, this forum is NOT a substitute for professional medical attention.

Physical Training

Let’s talk all things physical. From hangboarding to strength training, nutrition to pump management, share your questions and thoughts on anything physical here.


Are you a coach? Whether you’re training a whole team, a handful of clients, or just yourself, let’s talk all things related to coaching and training climbers here.

Looking For Partners

On the hunt for good partners? We know they can be hard to find. Post here and don’t forget to be specific with your schedule, location, certain styles or climbs, etc.

Mental Training + Tactics

Let’s talk all things mental: From redpoint tactics to scheduling strategies, overcoming fears to staying motivated, share questions and thoughts on mental topics here.

Philosophical Thoughts

Is top-roping truly the purest form of climbing, as some have said? Is a day-flash a thing? Let’s get deep in discussion on some of climbing’s greater conundrums here.

Sends + Spray

We want to know what you’ve been sending, so spray here! Post videos, photos, stories, whatever. Indoors, outdoors, wherever you’re crushing. Let’s share the psyche!

Home Walls + Boards

Got a climbing wall or gym setup at home? This is your place! Let’s talk designing, building, setting, and climbing on your home walls, gyms, and commercial boards.

The Beta Base

Post and find beta here! See if someone else has cracked the sequence that has you stumped. Or find out where to get the best burritos on your upcoming trip to Hueco.

Community Improvement

The climbing community is growing and changing, maybe now more than ever. Let’s have some thoughtful discussion here on how we can ensure that change is for the better!

Site Feedback

This community is built for YOU, so if you’ve got feedback about this forum, how it works, and how we can make it better, please post it here. We greatly value your input!

Breaking Beta Podcast

Questions about specific episodes? Papers you’d like for us to cover? Hit us up.

Client FAQ’s

Training with us and have a question? Search here first (before posting elsewhere in the forum) to find in-depth answers to many of the questions we hear the most.

Ethics + Etiquette

Is it cool to skip a draw in the gym? To scrub someone’s ticks? To leave draws on your proj for… ever!? Let’s talk ethics and etiquette, both indoors and out, here.