3 finger drag training reliablity

Hi everone,
I know 3f drag is a lot about friction, but is there a way to train this grip in a more reliable fashion where friction and skin have less influence on the success? Especially when we’re talking about 3/4 to 1 pad holds where you cant drag with the skin fold that forms near the dip join crease. It could be some implement, or climbing practice on certain types of holds? From my own experince, my 3f drag strength on the hangboard varies significantly depending on the temperature which makes it difficult to progress, only solution i found is just to accept it and pick intensity for 8 RPE and just try to do all sets, and even then some days i just slide which makes it quite demotivating. Just for a strength reference, i can hang smallest beastmaker2000 edges for 15 seconds and do couple of pullups on a good skin day. I often try to repeat medium boulders with 3f drag only which is more fun and seems to me more productive, although, i have to be at the gym to do that.

Setting a fan to blow right at the level of hangboard + giving the fingers a few seconds in front of the fan before pulling on was the best solution for summer 3f drag work. Also trying not to readjust after touching the edge seemed to better maintain the chalk and friction. If the issue is skin being too dry for a wooden hangboard i’ll sometimes breath a little on my fingers (personal hangboard required!). But yea, think you just have the ride the variability wave with progress on the 3f drag and trust that each session is money in the bank.

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I suffer the same, and use the same RPE scale when conditions affect my training.

Another option i use is to have an alternative to a wooden edge, resin or an edge with grip paper.

A wooden edge is best for contact strength, but if skin and air conditions vary, especially for 3 finger drag. It’s a decent option to have

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