4x4 Length

I’m doing the Climb 5.13 ebook program (and actually mostly sticking to it for once). I’m just wrapping up the second block and starting to think about the third phase which has 4x4’s in it. The suggestion is for 60-90 moves total over the 16 problems, so about 4-6 moves per problem. All the problems that seem appropriate for the training at my gym are 8-9 moves long. Should I shoot for doing 3 problems instead as that would give roughly the same number of total moves? Should I do it on a board instead? Usually I would just do 4 problems but I’m trying to hit the intended intensity.

Also, these are described similarly to the Boulder Intervals drill that I’ve been doing in the 2nd Phase, though they’re 3 problems and the rest is shorter. Should one have less difficult problems? How different is their intention?

Or just don’t do entire problems. Finishes are arbitrary. If you can find 4 move cruxes, do those.

Even better, tailor it more toward your own needs. We really only put the suggestions because SO MANY people will choose to do nothing or default to whatever they are best at if they aren’t given specifics.

Thanks @Kris, I feel like finding the right set of problems is always a challenge. I reread the description and realized that the bit about how the first session should go is probably a good gauge as to how hard the problems should be