A fun spraywall session....limit sequences

Setting tonight on a spray wall at gemstone climbing.
Found it too be a great way to play and get some hard moves in.
The catalyst, asking a climbey human if they wanted a taped bloques to be hard, medium or easy. She said, “hard”. Maybe I obliged.
Being on the road recently the times to climb/train has been limited.
Evening sessions like this are key to my sanity and progress. Making it SUPER FUN :clown_face:
The route is above deffo a proj for me, although I can do a coupla of the sequences.
I get a great session to climb, work on tension and my wierd box amd I put some tape next to holds😁

What ways do you play around with the spraywall​:question: Do you play on the spraywall​:question: How do you do limit sequences on the spraywall.:question:

Sometimes spraywall can be hard to use.