A Surplus of Try-Hard vs. Overtraining/Overreaching

Hi Community,

I am currently dealing with my second consecutive back injury. This current one is quite a bummer since it interrupted the 12-week PC training program that I was halfway through; one in which I was extremely excited to complete.

The first injury was in August, I fully recovered after six weeks of physical therapy and subsequently sent my hardest flash and some proud onsights (some of which were mentioned as favorites in the “training for Red River” podcast episode, so they felt very ceremonious). But now the thought of another long recovery is very deflating. It also means I will not be in the kind of climbing shape for accomplishing my spring cragging objectives… of course right now I’d be happy to just to able to climb at all.

To the point.
There is much speak of “trying hard” in the training parlances. So in regards to training, how do you navigate the line between trying hard and overreaching?

In retrospect, it always seems like the proper ratio of rest is an issue with my training. So is the answer to only “try hard” when walking into a session feeling 100%? Am I wrong to assume that there will always be some degree of fatigue during a training block?
I am curious to hear others’ experiences with this process.

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Injury means you have overstepped your capacities in some way. If it’s not a sudden injury, then likely you’ve outpaced your ability to recover with the demands of your training. That sounds vague, but intentionally takes a step back from the specifics because you have to recover from all stresses, not just training. So maybe less is more going forward.
My last major (overuse) injuries from strength training happened by my going balls to the wall, eeking out reps time and time again in the workout for an extended period of time. Even at once a week, this eventually was too much. (I am also not 20-30 years old, meaning slower recovery.)

Yes, you will probablyt not feel 100% at each session during a training block. But then you may want to end the session still feeling fresh-ish, and not trashed. That to me would be the equivalent of what I did wrong with the strength training.

And regarding “trying hard”, there are two types:
a) trying hard on a single attempt
b) pushing yourself hard with a session, i.e. going and going and going

You will likely want more of a) and less of b)

Last not least: continue your back rehab/prehab/strengthening after the injury has improved. Very important, especially if you have a recurring issue.