About Looking For Partners

On the hunt for good partners? We know they can be hard to find. Post here and don’t forget to be specific with your schedule, location, certain styles or climbs, etc.

Hello! I’m Andrew. I’m currently in Chattanooga and looking for bouldering partners. I work full time during the week but will be getting outside on weekends and some evenings during the week. Also always psyched to climb with people at Synergy!

I’m looking for people psyched on trying some of the taller harder boulders in the area, like:

  • John Hume problem in Obed
  • Bedwetters/King James at LRC
  • Western Gold at Dayton
  • Bosnian / Psychotherapy in Suck Creek

I’ll also be working the Law, Lord of the Dance, God Module, and Southern Slang this season.

Andrew (@bulldogboulderer on instagram if you want to give me a shout)


Welcome to Chatt. I’m mostly sport climbing on the weekends throughout the season, but could be convinced to get out on some midday missions (Suck Creek perhaps?).

Stop by Crux Conditioning sometime and let’s meet, at the very least!

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