About Mental Training + Tactics

Let’s talk all things mental: From redpoint tactics to scheduling strategies, overcoming fears to staying motivated, share questions and thoughts on mental topics here.

I’m so glad the conversation around mental training is growing. In my 10 years climbing and 4 as a youth coach, I’ve found mental wellness and mindset to be the greatest determining factor in performance.

As a youth coach, I’ve found myself in a number of delicate situations with youth athletes confiding serious mental health struggles to me (or their teammates) before any other adults know. In these moments I’ve felt entirely unqualified and overwhelmed - I have no formal training in mental health counseling - but had to act urgently to get the athlete the help they needed. Climbing, especially competition climbing, can be extremely positive and extremely challenging. I know I’m not the only coach who’s been in this situation.

This year, my colleague Dr. Anna Enright and I launched The Hidden Crux, a project aimed at mental wellness and education for climbers, coaches and parents. Our goal is to provide skills and resources for climbers, coaches and parents to promote mental wellness in climbing. Check out our site! My most recent article is on Emotion in Climbing

We’re just getting started, so I’d love to hear about experiences with mental health and wellness as climbers, coaches and members of the community! What do you struggle with? What resources would you like? I’d love feedback! Cheers

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Love what you all are doing!

If love to hear more about strategies to deemphasize sending as the sole marker of success, without deemphasizing that we should also care about sending. It’s always a tough topic to discuss, simply because of the overlap and lack of language to say “care but not too much” in a more precise way.