Advice for dealing with cuts on your hands?


does anyone have good advice for dealing with a cut on your palm? last night I cut myself in the kitchen, not really deep, but deep enough to bleed and about 3/4” long. The cut is near the base of my pinky finger on my palm.

The cut doesn’t seam large or serious enough to stop climbing, but I am a bit worried about it getting infected or not closing up. Is this something I should try to glue? any other good advice on keeping cuts protected in hard to bandage areas?

thank you!

How’s it healing up? It is a tough area to dress and keep clean. This isn’t medical advice. Some people have used Superglue to keep it protected. Gauze and a lot of tape with some going between your fingers and onto the back of your hand is another option. Bulky and hard to climb that way though. You might have to take some time off or climb on crimps for a while. Usually the hand heals pretty well though because of its robust blood supply. Just washing it out with soap and water a few times a day should go a long way toward preventing infection. If anything concerning develops like redness or drainage, see a doctor. Obviously it’s a high consequence area, so issues in your hand can be really serious.

My hand is healing well. the cut was just below the callous at the base of my pinky finger. Very hard to bandage and pretty exposed to abuse when climbing. I cleaned the area well with some rubbing alchohol, then squeezed the edges of the cut together and applied 2 layers of Krazy glue. It worked extremely well, I climbed on it the next day and then a few more times before the glue wore off. It was pretty knit back together by then, but I glued one more time. now it’s basically healed.

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Liquid skin is the best covering for odd and wierdlybplaced finger and hand cuts.