Advice for Someone Interested in Coaching

Hi there everyone!
I have been self-coaching for a long time, and more recently have started working with a coach. I’ve amassed a lot of learning about programming training strength elements like hang boarding, body weight exercises, and lifts by building my own training plans and I’m learning even more by working with a coach. I’m starting to get curious about learning more about coaching as well. There are two reasons:

  1. I imagine that by learning more about the coaching perspective (especially understanding movement better), I could probably be a better athlete overall.

  2. I’m also interested in the idea of coaching others.

What are some steps I could take to help me explore this path. Even if I only write some training plans for friends or learn more about movement, I’d consider it a success! I’m sure the ideal answer would be to see if my local gym is looking for climbing instructors, but I’m a teacher and honestly I don’t have time for that as much fun as it would be!

I’m looking for:

  • books
  • courses
  • YouTube videos
  • podcasts
  • add your own!

Hey @iansiess , glad you’re thinking about this.

The path most people I know have taken is to write plans for friends for a while, and then move into folks they don’t know as well, to complete strangers, and so on.

The Performance Climbing Coach seminar is a decent start, though I’ve stopped coaching there simply due to the lack of any unifying theory or communication amongst the coaches themselves. It’s a good collection of presenters, but barely curated - which can be good or bad depending on what you want out of it.

Most of the newer crop of coaches are in your position and just jumped in. I do think a lot of them will slowly disappear over the next few years for various reasons - but the main one I’d recommend against is basing your entire business on Instagram.

If you’ve got a local community, that’s the best place to start and where most successful coaches I know remain. There’s no reason to go elsewhere for most of them.

I’m considering running a coaching mentorship group later this year - but that will only happen if my excitement to keep making new podcasts doesn’t continue growing at the rate it is currently.