Anybody uses skateboarding as a model for technical learning and progression

Started skateboarding recently and my world view on technical learning has changed a lot. That whole contrast between sending once versus mastery is something i heard about in a few power company climbing episodes but i just had to feel it for myself to truily understand. Does anybody use ideas from skateboarding in their climbing training? I for example doubled down on boulder repeats versus just projecting all the time.

If somebody knows a good podcast or article on the topic i suggest we can keep a list here:

Here’s a great episode where host and guest touch on skateboarding in the beginning:

Always have. I’ve used skateboarding for most of my workshops and seminars, theres a chapter in my book, and it features pretty prominently in my Coaching for Mastery course as well.

Here’s the blog post of the book chapter: Success vs. Mastery | Simple Ways to Become a Better Climber.

Nice, even got the book, need to re-read this chapter. Got it 4 years ago so that information probably slipped past me