ATFL rupture

So, four weeks ago I badly sprained my ankle. I received a few really great training tips here on the community forum (thanks!)and have been working away while I try to heal up.
It looks like I have a complete rupture of the ATFL, but likely not serious damage to the rest of the ligaments in my ankle. My physiotherapist feels that this likely can be dealt with no surgery by increasing stability through the remaining stabilizing structures in the ankle. I am all for not going through a surgical intervention, but plan to seek a second opinion. Does anyone here have first hand experience with this? I have some concerns about my long term ability to fall of boulders or jamb my feet in cracks. Due to the rock available where I live, I mostly sport climb, but when I travel I really like to crack climb, and bouldering is just so convenient as well as good training/practice . I would really like to be able to continue doing all the things!

I had a grade 3 sprain involving ATFL and CFL from rugby 8ish years ago, before I started climbing. No surgery, but I did lots and lots of rehab. I think I was in a boot for nearly 6 weeks, crutching for most of that. Started slowly running again after maybe 3 months? I was back to playing field sports fully a year later. Now I have no issues because I was super diligent with my PT. I think if I were trying to climb, my timeline would have probably be fairly similar, aiming to be back at near 100% bouldering at the 9 months to 1 year mark. Rope climbing could have come quite a bit earlier. Definitely listen to your PT and ortho. I don’t think surgery is often needed with that injury but YMMV. Good luck!

thats interesting, I have been weight bearing basically the entire time with a soft brace, and 90% pain free for a week. My physiotherapist is shocked that my ankle is not more painful, but is pretty sure the ligament is gone based on how he is able to manipulate the ankle joint manually. I have not had confirmation with MRI that the ligament is gone because it can be pretty challenging to get imaging at the moment where I live.
Hopefully my timeline can be faster than yours, but if not I have lived through worse. Great to hear first hand from someone who was able to make a successful return.

For reference, this photo is from 3 weeks ago