Austin Regular Partner

Anyone in the Austin area looking for a regular partner?

I’m available after work on Wednesdays, every other Friday, and every other weekend.
I’d be up for early mornings as well.
I’ve got a 7 year old son that’s with me Monday, Tuesday, and every other weekend so if you have kiddos as well we could possibly climb more. Thursday are date night with my fiancé.

I was super close to knocking down my first 5.12’s last November but a finger injury at the dog park took me out for the season. Made use of the time and completed some solid life goals outside of climbing.

Super hungry to get back to a regular outside climbing routine. I’d love a focused partner whose up for getting some work done.
Current targets are Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Fangoria, Lip-o-Suction, Werecats, Tunnel Vision, Ghost of Johnny Reimers, and Ship of Fools.
I boulder outside as well, but have less experience with that. Spearpoint and Cherry Blossom are my current bouldering targets.