Back pain from weighted pullups

Anyone have this issue when doing weighted pullups? I think over the years it is a consistent thing I’ve experienced. I hang weights from a harness belay loop, and something about how it forces such extreme pelvic roll forward seems to always tweak my lower back. I don’t have a heavy enough vest to be able to substitute that for hanging weight off a harness or belt. Has anyone found a solve?

Most harnesses have a haul loop as well. If using a harness, I prefer splitting the weight between the two.


Would a dip belt be any better? I don’t remember the pelvic tilt but I’ve always found a harness pretty annoying to wear with 100+ pounds on it and a dip belt is a bit wider and easier to load.

I’ve tried both and the dip belt feels similar, even with a bit less than 100+ pounds on it ;).

The belt also felt a little worse for me, maybe because it rotates from a higher place on the back ?

I don’t think I’d pay full price for one but I got a 90lb weight vest from FB marketplace for like $20. If you can score something like that then the remainder of the weight on the harness will be a lot less. I think no matter how you cut it once you get to 100+ lbs it really kinda sucks to have it hanging from your waste.

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Luckily, the gym I use has weighted med balls up to 35 lbs. I’ll couple those with a weighted vest and just squeeze the med ball with my legs.

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What about one arm work instead? Maybe taking weight off by holding a rope/pulley system with the other hand.

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Haha that’s excellent.

I actually do so as well. I flip between 2 cross training days one with weighted pull-ups and one with one arm pull-up training.

Thanks for the replies all! I tried distributing the weight between the belay and haul loops on my mp harness and that seems to be WAY better @Kris

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