Beat Junkie 13b (Rumney, Main Cliff)

Not an incredible video, but I’m pretty psyched on this! My first 8a / 13b! I’ve never really fought this hard on a route. This is actually the attempt before I send where I punt establishing on the slab (after which point it’s mid 5.10 to the chains). On the send go I set the knee bar a lot better and was able to relax for longer, and found a better position in the neck scum roof rest toward the top.

I’ve never posted a video of me climbing to the public, but figured no better time than the present. I’m interested in feedback, and just generally psyched on this one!

Also my first time effectively using a knee bar! I’ve had the pad for a year now but never used it…


@MichaelHauss good work! Looks like a great one!