Best Unknown Bouldering/Sport send vids

Alright y’all, hit me with those youtube links. I’m coming up dry on new stuff to watch and there’s a lot of junk to filter through out there.

What are your faves? (I’m caught up on Mellow TYVM)

Not interested in poor video quality or anything beta specific. Nothing with wacky ads or played story lines.

Just looking for sick sends from unknowns. Good music is a big plus.

Think FFO: DIY skate vids but make it climbing

Kai Webler has made some pretty fun edits. Most are on his Vimeo Dimorphic. My personal favorite is “Toes in Joes” .


I would second Kai’s videos. He has a lot of the northeast stuff up on their newer youtube channel ‘climb with us’

This video is great…just maybe start it at 3:30 or so


This is exactly the type of stuff I was looking for - TY!

This is DOPE!

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Speaking of the Northeast- check out young gun Austin Hoyt crushing. Gunks bouldering rules and is criminally UNDERRATED. I got my first trip in this past spring and was blown away.

Also, IMPORTANT NOTE this kid dubs several Wu-Tang songs in the first vid and I honestly can’t spray enough abt how happy that made me. Lol

Hope for the future!

Great question! I’ve been really impressed with the video content from the Wedge climbing YT page, check it out if you haven’t already. King Lines and 8B First Ascents • Aidan Roberts Bouldering in The Lake District - YouTube

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Def will! Thanks for the recommendation.

Alright y’all. Please tell me your beat recs for Black/ Non white/Indigenous climbing vids. Tbh I’m getting a lot tired of watching thin white guys sending mega rigs. Not that it doesn’t have a place but there is a lot more representation to be had and I KNOW there are talented climbers and film makers out there doing cool things. I WANNA SEE IT! DROP THOSE :chains: links​:link:

I don’t have much for you here, sorry. Caleb Robinson Login • Instagram has some cool vids on insta. Juliet Hammer also has some rad stuff on insta Login • Instagram.
Jordan is local near me but moving away soon :(. He sends mega lines like this one: Login • Instagram.
I don’t know if any of those three have youtube or Vimeo or whatever accounts. If you are successful in finding more, please do share!