Cape Town South Africa, Feb 2023?

I am going to be spending most of the month of February in and around Cape Town. I know its not the best month to climb but I would really like to try.
It would be great to find someone to climb or train with for a few days while I am there or at least get some beta on what crags might be climbable.
I am into sport or trad climbing between the ranges of 18 and 27 on the ZA scale.


McD ,I am based in Cape Town but will likely be away at that time. February is a great time for trad and OK for sport. Its bouldering that is best planned for the southern hemisphere winter. You will find partners at the indoor gyms - cityrock and B11. If you go onto shortly before your trip you can also ask for partners there.
Table mountain is close to the heart of the city and has a lot of high quality trad in the grade range you mention.

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thanks Bruce, I am certainly keen to climb Table Mountain. Which sport areas would you recommend ? I probably have 3-4 days to spend at the crag. Do you think a trip out to Montagu would be to hot in Feb.?

“The Hole” is a high quality ,steep sport crag 35 mins from the city centre that is cooler than most crags in Feb. Also look at “The Mine” . Montagu is an option in February but I’d look at the short term weather forecast before committing to the 2.5 hour drive .

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