Car Chat

Our outdoor season is beginning, and my crew unfortunately have to drive 3.5 hours to get to our nearest crag… this leaves plenty of time of idle chit chat in the car.

Our recent conversation topics:
Topic #1
The boulder community appear to be more willing to put forward Font 9A (Alphane, RotSW, Burden, Megatron etc) then the Sport Climbing community is to propose 9c. Are boulders pushing the top-end more than sport climbers? Is it easier to push bouldering than sport climbing?

Topic #2
Our warm-ups change through-out the season. As our season starts, and we “re-learn” certain rock types and movements over stone, what we use to warm up changes. At the beginning of a season, we might warm-up on 5.11/6c but by the end of the season we could be warming up on harder routes.

These are just conversations to pass the time, no hills to die on here… but interested in your thoughts.

Also, if you have any topics to suggest for my next journey…

Are you looking for climbing-specific suggestions only? How about I’ll give you one(+) each:

What is the biggest weakness in my climbing that you have observed? How do you think I could improve on it?

What has had the biggest positive impact on your climbing?

How has the pandemic affected you and your loved ones? Do you feel it’s effects are over?

Try regular 8/10 hour drives to climb, one year I made 27 such trips.

Do not recall any trip where we discuss pro climber shit, most of us simply couldnae give a shit.

Questions to try

Cheese, favourite❓
Textured volumes V dual tex volumes❓

Scalable warm ups V fixed warm ups❓