Chattanooga Area Bouldering Jan/Feb

Heading to the Southeast for some bouldering in about 2 weeks for the rest of January and into February. I’ll mostly be working during the weeks and getting out on weekends for full days, but will probably end some work days early to get out as well. If you’re from or visiting the area and looking for partners, let me know!

This will be my first trip bouldering on sandstone (from the NW so most of my experience is on granite and basalt). The goal is to spend the first couple weeks getting a feel for the style on V5-7 (and not overlooking the lower grades of course), then re-evaluating goals for the back half of the trip and picking a few 8s and 9s to put work into.

I have some family in NC, so considering checking out Rumbling Bald for a few days as well.