Climb 5.12 (boulders only) SUCCESS

I’ve been following the climb 5.12 with boulders only as I only have access to spray wall and manages to (a month before the training program ends) send my first 12a outdoors! On my birthday no less! Sanitary fish market at Rivers-bend in West Virginia

Definitely going to keep pushing and just get on some routes that I think are out of my range because the 12a felt too easy for the buildup in my mind I had created (it went second go after figuring out the crux beta). I’ve been getting so much better since starting dedicated training and my goal is a twenty 12’s this year and this one 13a in the fall at a nearby crag (Reflections at Riverbend). I’m gonna stick clip my way up this Saturday and see if we can’t sequence it out.


Nice work @Zoidberg ! Keep getting after it, and don’t feel surprised if some 12a’s feel way harder, some feel way easier, and that will hold true for every grade from here till forever!

Nice work @Zoidberg! Keep on crushing! :mechanical_arm:

Nice work and thanks for sharing @Zoidberg! I had a similar experience with the 5.12 boulders-only plan. Keep it up!