Climbing trip goals

Good morning climbers. I´m in the middle of a climbing trip. I´ve sent one of my projects. The other is looking iffy. When you only have a week in a spot with likely 5 climbing days, what goals do you set? Do project anything at your limit? Look for interesting climbs you know that you can do?

If I were to send my second project / goal for my trip, that would be amazing. On the other hand if I grind it out and leave empty handed (for the second half of the week), that would be disappointing. How do you handle it?

Thanks for the feedback!

5 day trips are tough, but for me the key is to make the decisions before you leave. The harder the goal, the more likely you are to leave without getting it done. Empty handed is the wrong term though, unless you somehow got no intel through trying it. It’s all an experiment. Not every outcome is successful. If it is, you aren’t trying hard enough.

I’m ok walking away unsuccessful now and then, but I go in with that expectation.

Thanks for the reply Kris. I´m actually on two, six-day-long, climbing trips, separated by a week. Having sent both my projects during my first week, I´ll be much more okay shooting for the moon and coming up short on my second week. Now I have to decide between returning the New or going to the Gunks for the first time.

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Sounds like you can’t go wrong either way… Most of all, enjoy what you are doing!!