Confidence, 100 Boulders, and Sending Strategies

So many gems in here that get skipped over by so many people.


I thought this was a really good episode, always great to hear what Kerry has to say

Hearing her talk about completing her diamond, doing a v11 in a session and then immediately thinking she should just be able to do every v11 and forgetting all the stuff she just learned bits so close to home


While listening to the part about what holds and sequence were “legit” on Mango Tango, I kept thinking of an old Rock and Ice article about Tommy Caldwell. It was about how he climbed some route on El Cap and people gave him crap about how he broke up pitches or the anchors he used. His response to that was “There is no cheating in climbing, only lying about how you did something”. For whatever reason that quote stuck with me and for me it settles so many petty climbing arguments.

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