Crash pad stretcher for moving injured boulderers?

I went on a bouldering trip 5 times. 3 times I ended up having to carry someone out of the area and drive them to a hospital. Last time, it was a pretty big guy and it took me an hour… It was hard work and wasn’t fun for him either!

It made me think; the crash pads I have could easily be transformed into a stretcher. I could keep a pair of telescopic rails in my car, and in the case of an injury I could go get it and then carry my buddy out. Would be LOTS faster than what I’ve been doing so far.

I had medical training and know how to transport people, but transporting through rough terrain is another story.

There seem to be some pretty creative people here. Any ideas on how to go about and make something like this?

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Sounds like a great idea (although 3/5 sessions ending in people having to be carried out sounds like a lot to me haha).

Plus points if you figure out a way to use the telescopic poles for brushing top outs :ok_hand:


In 25 years of climbing outside, I’ve only had to help carry people out twice. Both times was a major chore, and both times we made a stretcher from tree limbs, tape, backpacks, and jackets. Wasn’t perfect, but worked.

Your ratio of time outside to carrying people out is currently awful. :joy:


Somebody else mentioned carrying ducttape and then improvising a stretcher from whatever is at hand, too! That might be the best idea.

And guess I’ll have to boulder outdoors more often, get that ratio down :wink: