Creatine: Endurance climbing

I started taking Creatine about 3 months ago. While I do like taking it once a day at 5g daily I’ve noticed that when Sport/Endurance climbing my forearm pump level has sky rocketed…. Any one else had this problem!? Like I said I do like taking it because it helps aid my recovery period I feel like,Along with other benefits.But if I’m too pumped after climbing 2 routes in the gym………………I guess I should stop taking it huh!

I’ve always had terrible endurance, forearm pump was extremely painful for me.
When I took creatine, this got even worse.
I then got diagnosed with chronic exertional compartment syndrome. And I discovered that creatine increases the pressure inside the compartments of the forearm.

Even though there is no evidence to suggest that creatine causes chronic exertional compartment syndrome, there is a big chance that if you have this condition, creatine will make things worse.

See if there’s a sport specific doctor who can diagnose you for this. If you have this, the only option is surgery. Or stick with bouldering, which is more fun anyway :wink:

I appreciate it! That’s good to know! Yea I’m pretty sure it’s not that though.I wouldn’t say I really get more pumped then any one else I climb with.But taking Creatine does make it much more noticeable ! Thank you