Do You Keep Track of Both Indoor and Outdoor Ascents? (Poll)

To follow up on the Pyramid topic that @jesswest started, I’m curious to know - how does everyone keep track of things. I explained my methods over there in her post, but my methods are to fit my personal situation. With more apps that allow you to keep track of all of your ascents (I’m still in debate whether that is actually valuable or not), I’d just love to know how people are engaging with it.

  • I keep track of everything in one place.
  • I only really keep track of outdoor ascents.
  • I keep track of both, but in separate places.

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This is pretty interesting since all the preset boards have different apps and such. I usually record all the ascents in those separate apps but record highlights and session notes in the same notebook I keep track of everything else

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Outdoor first ascents on Mountain Projects (Rarely additional ascents) and Hardest indoor ascents when running a journal (only during training cycle).

I actually don’t keep track of either. I sort of keep track of outdoor climbs but I didn’t when I first started and my memory is terrible (thanks, anxiety!) so I feel like 8 years later it too late to start.

I don’t at all like the idea of having to constantly tally and measure where I am indoors. Just thinking about doing that for even a few of my climbs stresses me out.

I guess it’s like taking photos on a trip, you’re either all in or forget where your phone is half the time.


As someone who worked heavily with data professionally for years, it feels weird to say, but like @Indoor_Outdoor_Cat, I generally don’t track my climbs, though I appreciate the many reasons it can be beneficial.
With indoor climbing, I usually set out with an objective for the session and I’ll make notes in my journal about how that went, which has been enough for my needs. With outdoor climbing, I’ll tick the climb in the GunksApp guide if it’s a crag that has one and I happen to remember. I kinda wish I’d been logging all of my outdoor climbs consistently over the years.

This year, though, I joined a friend in trying to climb a certain number of new-to-me boulders outside, so for the first time, I’ve been logging my new sends in a spreadsheet. I’m at least pretending this is something I’m going to continue going forward.
No plans to start tracking indoor climbs, other than being better about logging sends in the Tension board app/adding them to playlists for my team kids where appropriate.

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