Drills for powerful moves


one of my main weakness is doing long powerful moves, especially on overhangs. I often get shut down by a move that is quite dynamic, a deadpoint or a small dyno. What drills could I do to improve that skill?

The easiest and best answer is to do more long, dynamic moves. Make them up. Make the hardest ones a little easier. The easier ones a little harder. Skip holds. Play.

You could go down the path of trying to gain power, but that’s over complicating things in most cases. It’s likely that learning to pull the trigger on those moves on different holds, different angles, and going a variety of directions will be FAR better.

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I figured that would be an answer :slight_smile: . I was also thinking of drills analogous to hoover, rooting and so on, but targeted at deadpoint/dyno. I guess deadpoint and dyno is the answer then

These are nice for controlling the end ranges of big moves (as in deadpoints), but not in place of learning to pull the trigger to begin with!

I often find that people who find it hard to dyno also don’t vertical jump well. One drill that is very simple and easy to do at most any gym, is simply jumping to holds from the ground. Make sure you’re adding the preparatory arm swing, using them arms to create momentum toward the hold. Play around, jump sideways as well not just up. Then you can try to scale it and maybe add a start hold while still jumping off the ground, and then add the feet after that.

Vertical Jump Preparatory arm swing: at he bottom of the squat arms should be back, then as you begin to jump you forcefully swing the arms upward.

I learned that when i have troubles with long dynamic moves it‘s often because of my hips ,so try to get some swing in there.