Driving up through your legs

Hi all

I’ve noticed a dull blade in my technique. I don’t feel like I drive up & through with my legs. I’m just rethinking about a recent attempt on a sport route that required an almost dead-point like move from two ok-ish handholds and only one small foothold

Does anyone have any drills for improving on this? It feels like a boulder style move, but most indoor boulder setting is very “comp style”

Should i just find replicas on indoor walls? If anyone has any drills, I’d really appreciate hearing about them

Thanks in advance

Is there a moonboard or spray wall where you train…?

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@Jim we’ve done tons of workshops on exactly this, and distilled it all down into this ebook, which includes a progression of drills.


Kris - I heard you developed a drill basically where you train using your feet through the entire range of foot positions. Essentially you can be standing on it flat footed with all of your weight on it or conversely a high foot on a small foothold, and the drill basically teaches you how to apply pressure to your feet on that entire range of foot positions. Sorry, kinda hard to explain well. IIRC you were working with a 5.14 climber, so the guy was no slouch with footwork obviously, and he said he benefited greatly from it. Does this sound familiar? Is this something covered in the ebook? I think I have the same “dull blade” as OP.

Honestly not sure. I’ve developed so many specific drills to address specific problems for specific clients. This sounds like that sort of situation.

But if I’m guessing, it would be more about exploring foot positions. I rarely prescribe anything super specific in drills, for several reasons. I most often ask for contrasting experimentation.

@kbwise MAYBE it was our one size fits all drill? Movement Skills for Climbers | One Size Fits All - YouTube

Thank you! I found some more notes on it (not just going off memory) so it sounds like you would practice by toeing in on a flat edge on a high step and practice maintaining tension all the way through until you are completely standing on your foot. Basically it was practicing different ways to create tension with the lower body. It sounds like maybe it was a client specific drill. Regardless, I think this ebook sounds perfect, and I’ll be getting it. Thank you!

I‘ve had these issues as well and had a hard time understanding . The best advice i can give is to squeeze your butt as you move your body. It‘ll let you feel the drive

I think the drill you’re thinking of is “False starts”, and it was Taylor Frohmiller that @Kris was working with. Taylor was a 5.14 climber who was great with momentum, but if he couldn’t generate momentum to initiate a move he would get frozen on the spot and couldn’t do even slightly powerful moves.

His wasn’t particular to high feet though. It was pretty much any position.

It was actually someone else, but I didn’t want to use their name publicly. I think what he was describing was essentially rooting (legs).

I got the book. It is excellent. Just what I needed. Thank you.

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