Finding Joy in Improbable Goals

I know I’ve mentioned this on the podcast, so I suppose I can come clean here. I cry watching sports documentaries. Anytime the human spirit triumphs over a major obstacle—whether that be internal or external—I can’t help but cry happy tears. I find myself pulling from those moments when faced with my own obstacles. What would Lane Frost do right now? Would Wilma Rudolph make this excuse?

Maybe more than anything, I admire the constant journey of finding one’s better self. Physically, emotionally, mentally. I admire the belief and steadfastness it takes to continue that journey when it’s so easy to feel that a ceiling has been reached.

I’m sure it’s not long before I find myself banging my head against a seemingly insurmountable project and think, “What would Lor do? Would they walk away from this?”

And I’ll try again, with more intention.

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It almost feel that responding to your post makes my goals improbable. Strange how our mind plays tricks on us. I do have a BIG goal which will be tough to achieve but maybe…part of the joy of chasing it is in stubbornly believing that it is probable.

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