Flight of the Antelope (V10)

Here’s one I recently did. I’ve been leaning into some of my fear of trying hard on tall boulders, and tried to document the whole process of working this one out. Lana giving me a talking to at the end is a classic role reversal.


Loved this format, so cool and helpful. I was wondering in between sessions on this problem did you give yourself a break and try other climbs/train, or did you just go in on 6 back to back sessions w rest days?

The knotted rope is such a good idea! Going to remember that as an option.

Made me curious too - if you had done the climb roped in with the gri gri and just tightened the rope mid climb once or twice - would that have “counted” ? Food for thought.

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There were a few sessions on other boulders between days 1-3, but then I got focused on this one.

For me it wouldn’t have counted had I done it with a rope on. We all have to draw our own lines, and mine was doing it unroped. There will be other boulders that I just find too risky and will “count” if I do it on toprope. Though I’d likely build an anchor up top and have a belayer, because I just don’t like climbing with a grigri on. In fact I despise it. It breaks the flow of climbing for me, so I only do it for short sections when I’m working things.

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