Glassy Skin

I was reading the discussion started by @Indoor_Outdoor_Cat about sweaty skin, and wanted to ask about anyone whose got experience dealing with glassy skin.

I’m not exactly sure if my skin is dry or what, but the last few hard things I’ve done in the gym have all been sent using Rhino Spit instead of chalk. I just feel like I’m slipping off everything then I put on rhino spit and boom! I stick!

For context the gym I climb at requires liquid chalk only (like I think most gyms do right now), only sets small sections weekly, and people are pretty awful about brushing holes (is that everywhere else too?)

I have generally good skin. When I lived in a dry climate I go splits, but now that I’m in a more humid (not super humid though) climate it has been pretty good. I’ve never really dealt with this before so I’m just starting to try different things but wonder what others know/have tried. I’m moisturizing a lot now, but wonder if there’s anything else I can do.

A few things come to mind:

  • maybe I’m using more liquid chalk than I need/liquid chalk is more drying than loose chalk (though I’m using the same brand and quantity as last gym season and didnt have this problem then)
  • maybe liquid chalk makes holds greasier faster (though the same point as above and I’ve needed rhino spit to send new problems as well as old problems)
  • maybe it doesn’t matter and I’ll just become a better climber by learning to climb on slippery holds!
  • maybe this is indoor specific and it won’t matter when I go outside

I’ve had this same issue, though not always. However, I always carry Rhino Spit now because of it!

Both indoors and outdoors. No real rhyme or reason I’ve noticed.

Got any suggestions for longer term care/prevention? Do you find it goes away after some time? Do you find the same outside? On particular types of rock? (Sorry for so many questions!)

It’s only happened to me since moving to a much drier climate, and happens about once a year or so for at least a few days, sometimes a couple of weeks. All seasons, and I moisturize very regularly, so I can’t see any discernible pattern. But with water before chalking and/or rhino spit, doesn’t seem to be a real issue.

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