Gnarly Nutrition Discount Code

Hey Everyone! This season of Breaking Beta is being sponsored by Gnarly Nutrition, and they’ve offered a 15% discount to our community.

Code is BETA15 or you can click directly through and it should be applied.

If you’re going to buy Gnarly, please use it!


Sure will! Thanks for the content and the discounts!

Thanks! This is great. And also perhaps a place to ask how to drink gnarly collagen.

How do you do it?? It’s so foul. I actually found unflavored gelatin to be significantly less gross-tasting (although the texture is pretty bad and it gave me serious gas). What are you guys mixing it with to make it tolerable?

I have it in smoothies 100% of the time so I’ve never noticed the taste.

Some folks say coffee, but I put chocolate milk in my coffee and nothing else or my day is ruined. :joy:

I mix the collagen with the Gnarly BCAAs before training - there’s not a ton of difference from the BCAAs alone, other than the texture a bit.

Gnarly is good people! I like their products. Sometimes I would mix their collagen with their pre-workout or hydration mix. I consider their new “fuel” product to be my secret weapon for long endurance solo days.

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My update: The smoothie works pretty well (thanks @Kris ). I’ve found a bit of chaser helps rinse the aftertaste, which is my main challenge, I think. Stronger connective tissue, here I come

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