Hip hop taught me...limitations

Not really a hip hop taught me, more of led me to reflect on the benifits of m forcing limitations to encourage skill deglopment.

In a podcast recently Method Man discuss why he no longer cusses in his raps…as much.

His reasoning was that he did it for a short while way back. But found it hard. By limiting his use of common cuss words he had to break habits and increase his vocabulary.

Later in reflect he found it made him a better lyrcist. So now leans into this intentionally and has done for years.

This had me reflecting on a few experiences. First being my own observation and coaching skills,

Years ago i feel i had the biggest jump in ability when i had a broken spine, i couldn’t demo for around a month.

This forced me to get outside of explaining/demoing everything, because initially i had way more reps of “telling” and it wasnt having the desired result, which led to even more reps of creating ways for the climber to explore movements. It was really the first time i had sat back observed and created games or drills or questions directly from what i had observed.

This became a game in itelself.

Anothet forced limitation, i witnessed and discussed with a coach i mentor.

The had failed thier first CWDI Assessment (teaching lead qualification in uk), because they spent too much time spraying and showing off amd was so self centred they didnt meet the needs of the climbers.

Fast forward 3 months to reassessment, this time they have a medical issue preventing them from wearing a harness.

In reflection the coach said they spent the entire session fighting an urge to demo or even show both climbing and belaying, they found itnsuper challenging. But actually passed thier qual this time.

The assessor said it was a gret improvement and had a bigger focus on appropriate progression for the climber.

In this scenario removing the novice coaches main tool actually reaulted in success.

For the past year or so weve been developing coaches in this manner, by setting challanges or removing tools within classes. Its become way more fun.

What limitations have you found yourself in or chosen that you have found useful?