How cold is too cold

What’s the coldest you go bouldering?

I was planning on going out tomorrow but it’ll only be like 13-16F and although I had great luck the other day in the mid 20s, the teens sounds rough. But maybe the friction would be great and I should suck it up and do all the cold weather tactical things?

The friction might not be great, I find that things get a bit glassy at a certain point and the shoe rubber definitely seems to get a bit too hard.

That being said, in my experience, teens can be really comfortable if it’s sunny and not windy. A bit of wind can make things pretty miserable.

When it gets below 25 or so I tend to try and temper my expectations a bit and make sure I eat and drink enough.

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I agree with maxdtaylor that wind is a huge factor. And what about humidity? Low wind and low humidity might still make it a fun experience. Although I must be honest, when I climbed at -5C (23F) it was already cold enough to make the whole thing an ordeal. Grabbing crimps hurt like crazy and made committing very difficult! Climbing on slopers probably would’ve been better :slight_smile:

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Right I should have mentioned that my recent great day in the 20s was no wind, and here today we are looking at the teens with moderate wind :confused:

I found a different spot to go that should be around 20 with less wind, so I’ll prob do that today, but appreciate anyone else’s thoughts for the future!

Also I have definitely had that experience with crimps hurting bc of the cold and I think I’ve been avoiding it this winter by really thoroughly warming up at home…or it just hasn’t been cold enough and today might be the day hah

I personally can’t go much colder than freezing (32f) before my hands numb out…a shame because 40f is about ideal

Rock type also plays into things as well, imo. Non-porous rocks like granite/diabase/etc tend to collect the moisture from the air once it gets below 30F in my experience.

If the air looks like it’ll be dry and you’re psyched, I say go for it - worst case scenario is that you leave because it’s too cold to have fun or be successful and you know for next time

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