How do I get back into training?

In early April I sent my first project for the season, but also my friend group kind of dissolved itself. In mid july I had my first ever climbing accident (sprained heels, sprained left thigh, something bad happened to my left shoulder - but I got away for cheap and am at 95% recovery atm).

I’m back projecting my hardest grade to date (7c+/5.13a) and that feels great, however I absolutely feel like I’m not in the same condition I used to be. I find it a bit hard to go to the gym, and while there I feel like I haven’t got a good idea of my intentions of being there.

What are some good ideas and pointers for how to get back into it and also what to train?

If you’re the type of person who likes following a plan, that’s a thought - and the accountability that comes with a coach can be helpful.

I also like fun days at the gym.

As for what to train, it varies from person to rain, goal to goal, so impossible to say.