How do you save a bad session? (Asking for hacks again)

In continuation of this great podcast from this TrainingBeta Podcast where Alex Stiger and Neely Quinn discuss how to save a bad session id like to ask fellow powercompany people to share their hacks?

For me personally my session can turn bad if i come back after a good 1-2 days rests dreaming about going hard on limit bouldering projects but i feel like strength level is lower than last week even after last stage warmup. Really kills my motivation. I usually try to distract myself and put some time into inventing boulders for the next time when i`m stronger. Half of the times, still doesnt feel like session was productive though, so need something else.

What are your hacks?

It definitely happens that I’ll want to put work into my limit projects and I just don’t have it.

My go to ways of salvaging a session is either to change gears and work on a specific skill I’m really bad at or set myself something that revolves around really bad awkward feet but on pretty good holds.

I climb mostly on a spray wall with a bunch of the terrible little power company feet and they make it pretty simple to turn what would be a straight forward boulder into something terrible and thought provoking.

I feel like my foot work could always use improvement so any session I’m focusing on trusting terrible feet is going to be productive.

Or I set something with a crux knee bar or toe hook or heel toe cam or some other shenanigan that I’m terrible at.

Basically if I don’t think the session is going to make me stronger I try to use it to make me better