I dont like it!

Just wanting to share a little conversation while car sharing with one of my coaches.

Sitting in a car with a climbing partner discussing which routes he wants to do.

I joked he doesnt like to try hard routes.

The climber wants to do an 8a, theres a few at a local crag. So far he has only tried one that is easy to access and has 2 frustratingly hard moves in the middle.

He said he wont ever waste time on it again, because it was “trash”.

I asked what he enjoyed, essentially everything except the crux.

The conversation got into which routes he enjoyed at the moment, and they were all 7a/7a+ so multiple grades easier.

Withou me saying much he eventually hung his head down low and realised everything he hates about the route is simply because its “effort”.

It sounds like he’ll be tying in soon.

Personally i dont dislike many routes unless its risk related.

But it had my woundering, How often do you all decide a route is trash? And how often is it you related?