Improving at Gastons

On of the weaknesses I’m currently working on are shouldery moves, especially Gastons that are far out to the side. I’m wondering, besides just climbing more moves with Gastons, what are some ways I can build practice for this skill.

For example, when I make boulders on the spray wall at my gym I then often end up using feet that make the move a bit more of lock off/roll over type move, so I’m trying to intentionally keep my feet a little lower or in positions I can only push off of instead of pull on.

What are some other ways I can change the practice so that I’m exploring many different body positions/movement types?

For me it helps to focus on my shoulder muscles by pretending there’s a tennis ball on my back that I try to squeeze with my shoulder blades.

I’ve worked on that a lot with cut loose moves, but I haven’t made it a specific focus when working on Gastons. I’ll give it a try my next session!