Interchangeable Hangboards

Since we have climbers of every level using The Machine Shop, and I may or may not have a Hangboard collecting addiction - I needed a method of switching out hangboards in the gym.

Thanks to community member Andrew Vaserfirer, this is what I settled on.

What do you do?

Always love seeing the DRCC V5.12 board! Still my favorite board and got mine for $20 years ago!

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I’ve used mine a fair bit in the past few months actually!

Those bottom 14-ish mm guys are kinda the best. Not hard on the skin at all but kinda hard to grab, great working horse edge and I still think the best pinches on a board


I built a French cleet system, so i could swap out my finger boards easily and minimise the space the take up on the wall

I pinched the idea from a video I saw from Lee Cujes

3:30 into the video is the fingerboard talk, although the entire Got Wood? series is worth a watch


Having climbed with Lee in that gym, I can say he’s taken great care to shape it all exactly the best way for him. Love it.

Side note - he tried but couldn’t find the metal cleats we used in Australia.

Nice, it looks mega for a home gym.
What did you think of the Blue Mountains?

Loved it there. Definitely planning to go back someday, particularly since Tom did this thing and sent me the video to, as he put it, keep me frothing.


There’s a company here in Canada named Magic Lab Climbing. They produce a nice system for interchangeable hangboards which is great for commercial spaces but I assume you could make something similar for smaller spaces or home gyms. We have them in a gym here, if anyone wants photos of how they’re set up I can take some photos next time I visit.

Here’s a link to the company’s post about these specific products: