Keeping fit while not training for a specific goal

Hey ya’ll,
I’m trying to figure out how I should structure my workout sessions over the next couple of months. I ran the better boulders Q4 last year, then right into one of the route training programs up until early march. I sent one of my projects and met a trad goal. Great season already. I’m past my peak and don’t have any climbing goals for the summer. I’m trying to figure out what to focus on to keep fit. Any tips on training while not training? I know my weaknesses are finger strength and try hard. I’ve been climbing 8 years but still can’t hang body weight on a 20mm edge. I’ve had should issues most my climbing so my pullups suck. I’ll keep hangboarding for sure and maybe focus on general fitness for strength but any thoughts on how I should plan and think about my climbing sessions? I’ll mostly be working on my trad game this summer, just placing gear and getting comfortable as I push grades slowly.


Congrats on a Good season!

Sounds to me like you’ve got it figured out. The only thing I’d change is switching some of the time spent learning to better place gear/etc into learning to try really hard. In the gym or outside. Boulders, above bolts or above gear. Wherever the next logical step in that journey is.

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Okay,i‘d sort that out. Not having to train is a good opportunity to focus on overlooked parts of your climbing. Try to focus on your shoulders in your training time and make the best out of the strength you have at the crag(that‘d probably be the try hard part)