Labrum Repair

I’m a few days out from a repair of a pretty large tear in my labrum I’ve been milking for a few years.

Curious who out there has had one, come back, and hopefully gotten stronger afterwards. I’m not sure what to expect as far as strength and range of motion recovery goes. I only have one other data point locally, and it’s the strong old guy at the gym who climbed his hardest route 6 months after surgery……. Which seems like a bold timeline, if I do say so.

When you came back did you get back into bouldering? We’re ropes better for the shoulder?

Looking for any helpful beta!

Mine was a lot more than a labrum repair (fully torn supraspinatus, torn labrum, shredded bicep tendon that got a tenodesis).

I climbed my hardest boulder (at that time) within the year. Bouldering felt far safer for me. I have a tendency to hold on for dear life when sport climbing, and that lunge and latch style when tired was not a good idea for my shoulder for quite some time after.

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I’m sorry, I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to every podcast episode and I feel like I had no knowledge that you’d annihilated your arm…

This is nice to hear though! I felt like the biggest things my shoulder held me back from before was sport climbing (I couldn’t rest on the shoulder at all), and the short sequences of bouldering felt better on it too. Good to hear all my fall training will be recycled once I can climb again (haha)

Haha. I’ve talked about it on there, but not a ton. The forced (and paid from Workers Comp) time on the couch is what gave me the time to figure out how to coach remotely. And here we are. I started the podcast a year or so later I think.

Sport climbing and resting on the shoulder also came back, but I don’t have a feel for the time line since I went pretty hard at bouldering once I could try hard.