Leavenworth bouldering last week of April

I’m planning on spending a couple of separate weeks in Leavenworth this spring/summer, with the first being April 24th - 30th. Never been there, and would love to meet up with someone.

I don’t have any projects picked out yet, but will be looking through the guidebook soon to pick out a couple V7-8 options (open to recommendations!). I’d like to spend some time on easier boulders getting familiar with the rock and put a couple sessions in on something harder this trip, then come back a few weeks later for more hard for me bouldering with more explicit goals.

Not taking time off of work, but my schedule is somewhat flexible and leans toward East Coast hours, so I can usually be done around 3pm on weekdays and climb the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Hit me up if any of that sounds good to you!

The Shield (V7) is very cool! The Real Thing (V4) is also right there and a super fun face line! I’ve only been there once to Forrest land, but it was awesome!

Obviously you have to get a pretzel at some point too!