Log-in Issues

Hey @Kris I’ve had problems logging in via Patreon! I get the following error,

{“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“Mismatching redirect URI.”,“state”:“e1595f296f2d7b437335ed25e19d36f52c7b25bbd8c97bd7”}

and have been receiving it for months on different devices. Instead I have to login using the “skip the password; send me a sign-on link” option.

A couple of others have as well. Is there a way to log in just through the normal log in?

Yes, inputting the username and waiting for the

which only appears after first inputting the username, I’ve just been using old devices to access the site before I noticed this on a laptop yesterday.

I don’t run Patreon-anything or Discourse-anything, but if you’ll allow me to make some assumptions I reckon there is somewhere in Discourse where (maybe) you have a plug-in of some sort that hopefully specifies what the Redirect URI should be and there’s somewhere on Patreon where the same URI is supposed to be set. I suspect these two are set to different values?

Here’s some links I imagine could be helpful,