Login Links and Title Length Limits

Nice how if you forget your password, you can have the site email you a login link. Yay, convenience!

Also, topic title must be at least 15 characters. Touché, Discourse!

Wait, the title MUST be 15 characters? I wonder if that goes away at a specific trust level? Something to look into before topics become Power……………

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I thought it was a bit odd. Maybe it’s an attempt to create more unique and easily searchable threads? But yes, it could quickly devolve into a bunch of punctuation or emojis lol

Also, I wrote this reply by replying to the email notification I received - nice not to always have to visit the site to reply. Leaving the original email text after my reply to see if that posts, too.

That email reply above posted nicely. Good job, Discourse!

I think I fixed it. Should be a minimum of 4 and max of 50 now.