Looking for partners in Gothenburg

I’ll be moving down to Gothenburg in a few weeks and will be there studying for a few years at least. Would luck have it that anyone on these boards is hanging out down there? I tend to go for bouldering on weekdays and lead-climbing on the weekends. I’ve been trying to punch into routinely climbing 7As and have mostly been set back by injuries. Hoping to find partners that climb around, or preferably above, that grade.

Always psyched to climb outdoors, wouldn’t mind trying ice-climbing, and am very keen to explore trad-climbing as well!

I’m a tall-ish 29 year old guy with an affinity for strength training and am trying to do my best to be a polyathlete. So, if you are down to do more than just climb that’s A-OK with me!

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Cool to find someone in Gothenburg on this community. As a longtime resident of the town I’m happy to see your moving here. The outdoor climbing around is great and easy to reach.
I run one of the local climbinggyms (the only real bouldergym) and we have a good bunch of climbers going out on a regular basis. There are a couple of Facebook groups with people hooking up for days out but I always liked to get the feel for people at the gym first. And as there is definitely a lot of rainy days around here it’s nice to have a backup place.
So check out @backaboulder and pop by.

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Hey Pelle! Apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

I’ll swing by sometime to visit and we can see how we vibe. I abstain completely from Facebook, so those aren’t viable options for me. Are there any particular days/times I should set my sights for if I want to meet you in particular? Your location isn’t exactly on my “path”, but I’ll happily come by and visit. You can DM me if that feels better!

I’m teaching classes at Thursdays 19-21. That’s probably the best time to find me there. The other days are more random.

Running a cold right now so out of respect I’ll stay away tomorrow! I’ll sling you a message on a Thursday I’m stopping by!

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