Looking for partners in Las Vegas

Hello all! I’m looking for partners for bouldering in Red Rocks and some of the local sport climbing. I’m looking to climb volume ln moderates and work some V110-V12 projects once the conditions get good. My work schedule is somewhat irregular, but I’m usually available to climb in the evenings twice on weekdays and all day Saturday/Sunday.

Gonna be visiting 1/15-1/21. Mostly interested in stuff in the 9 range, though I’m not opposed to getting on stuff a little harder. I’m psyched on a trying a few things: Fear of a Black Hat, Tilt Shift, Fountainhead (I know has a V12 sit). Would be down to work Americana Exotica. Wet Dream Right (I think it has a V9 stand, that’s a little more accessible for me). I can climb all day Saturday / Sunday 1/15 and 1/16 (well, sorta, I fly in at 10 AM Saturday morning). I’ll also be working during the week, though my schedule is flexible. Down to get out whenever. I’ll be around until 1/30, though have a crew joining on 1/21.

I would definitely be down to climb! I went to black velvet earlier in the season, and it was a bit too warm, but I’ve been wanting to go back now that it’s getting colder. I should be available that weekend. I also have a season pass to the scenic loop if you want to link up.

Awesome. Honestly can’t tell if I’m replying publicly, or just to you, but my phone number is seven 1 four 392-seven 6 seven 8. I’ll be most responsive there. Will check in a little closer to then. How many pads do you have btw? I will probably fly with 2 small/medium sized pads, but can also rent there.

Public. If you click the name, you can DM.

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