Markers of good quality Collagen?

Can anyone tell me what to look for when purchasing supplemental collagen? Some of the brands more frequently recommended are not very practical to purchase where I live. There are many other products available, but how do you tell good from bad?

Indirectly yes, I can say that I settled for gelatin powder as that was the cheapest source of collagen I could readily acquire. I’ve tried collagen powder too and experienced the same impact with gelatin powder from the baking aisle.

Personally, I’ve never let it settle into a gel, but I’ve read that some people make Jell-O in the freezer which sounds kind of practical and spontaneously that has a better appeal than the slurry that otherwise becomes of gelatin powder.

For what the product is, I find that all supplemental collagen products are a bit overpriced. However, I feel biased as anecdotally I’ve seen the prices increase over the last few years.

AFAIK from other sources,

a supplement that contains Type I, Type II, Type III, Type V, and Type X would be “the best”. Meanwhile, gelatin just has Type I and Type III.

Based off of the Breaking Beta episode I wonder if @Kris doesn’t have some thoughts?