Nashville TN bouldering trip

Hi all,

My buddy and I are speaking about going bouldering near Nashville in the latter part of March, but we are undecided about where to go (given that there’s soo many good places to go). We would be there for just a week though. I usually get V5 in a couple of tries and project V7, he usually gets V7 in a couple of tries and projects around V9/10. We are thinking we would like to get more mileage than hard climbs- so more V5/6 for me and more V7/8s for him.

With this being said, we are looking for advice from the community as to where to go and the style of climbing in those craigs the community might suggest to begin planing our training and trip in general. Also, if you want to sprinkles us with beta about where to rent crash pads ( and suggested number of pads one would require to safely spot), local places to go on our rest days, good eating places and ethics in those areas suggested, would be very much appreaciated.



2-3 hours of driving from Nashville will get you to just about any sandstone location in the Southeast. As far as styles go…the world is your oyster. What are you psyched on? Roofs, slabs, slopers, crimps?

LRC, HP 40 and Rocktown are the classic big 3 spots in the area. Lilly Boulders at Obed is a bit closer to Nashville and is smaller but high quality.