New to Pittsburgh, PA

Just moved to Pittsburgh and looking for partners for any and all of

  • Gym bouldering/leading, either chill or more training focused
  • Day trips to local crags
  • Weekend trips to NRG and RRG

I’m a 35 y/o male breaking into 5.12 outside. I don’t have any preference about your age/gender identity, just letting you know mine so you won’t be surprised when I fall asleep at 9pm and tell you how I used to have dial-up internet…

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Hey there, which gym are you climbing at mostly? I live in PGH. Sounds like we’re in a similar grade range. I’ve been looking for a more reliable sport partner since mine recently moved away. Hit me up if you want to boulder indoors some time or take a day trip to Gritstone (closest lead gym) in Morgantown,WV (1.5hrs away)

Oh wow, someone responded! I’ve been going to Ascend, but I’ll go anywhere. Meeting up for bouldering in the city seems like the logical first step in the getting-to-know-each-other process. I was gonna head to the gym Saturday morning…?

My name’s Lee, by the way.

Hey, my name’s Cat. I’m actually just seeing this now and on my way back from bouldering at The New. Going to be out of town this week for the Holiday but let’s try Iron City after the holiday. If you’ve never been I can get you in on a guest pass. The setting is really great and feels more like outdoor climbing.

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Sounds good. I’ve been meaning to try out Iron City anyway. I’m sticking around for the holiday, so just hit me up whenever you’re back.

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Hey Lee, I’m probably headed to the gym on Tuesday night around 6-6:30. Lmk if that works for you. If not, we can pick another day this week but I’m getting my Covid booster Weds so not sure yet how I’ll be feeling after, last time was rough.

Tuesday evening should work. I’ll plan to show up about 6:15.

Rad, I’ll have on the brightest neon yellow e9 pants you’ve ever seen :joy: