Non-Climbing Podcasts

What non-climbing podcasts do you all regularly listen to?

For me lately its:

—The Perception Action Podcast (movement science)
—No Skips (hip hop)
—How Sound (audio storytelling and podcast how to)
—Stuff the British Stole
—Headspin (great hip hop trivia game show)


…there are non-climbing podcasts?!?!?

I’ve been into:
Completely Arbortrary (Trees and other related topics)
Myths and Legends (…myths…and legends…)
Ologies (science and other nerdy stuff)
The Wild (…the wild….)
In Defense of Plants (………plants)
The Gotham Chess Podcast (chess, very niche)

I’ve been on the hunt for a science/technology podcast that is more experts talking about things and less general people talk about things. They seem to be kind of hard to come by, but I’d love suggestions!

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The Moth (regular people tell true stories) is a perennial favorite of mine- never a bad episode.

Make Me Smart (quick daily news)

Fresh Air

And of course, This American Life is a classic if you’ve never heard it before.

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Science Vs. might fit your bill!

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99% Invisible - design/architecture
Lex Friedman Podcast - science/tech/philosophy
Stuff You Should Know - covers all kinds of topics
Freakonomics Radio - another general topic podcast

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Ear Hustle is good. I think it humanizes people in the criminal justice system and give us a glimpse into their world
Scene on Radio

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Ear Hustle still running? I haven’t listened in a couple of years.

@Kris I was surprised it wasn’t on your list, seemed up your alley. Yeah, they are still putting out new seasons. Sounds like you’ve got entertainment for your next long drive

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The BBC Inside Science is a nice light listen.
Wow in the World - Kid’s science podcast
Brains On! - Another Kid’s debate podcast

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@Kris I’ve been working my way through No Skips (after your suggestion on the What Are You Listening To? thread) and am loving it! It’s made me take the time to listen to a bunch of classic and influential hip-hop albums that I’d never considered playing before, while providing plenty of laughs and historical context to their significance.

Other non-climbing podcasts I’m a fan of:
Make Me Smart (daily tech/market/sometimes political stuff) @jwilder Are you as sad as I am about Molly leaving the show?
Hardcore History with Dan Carlin (longform pod, mostly military history ranging from ancient battles to more modern conflicts. His series on WWI is absolutely masterful)
Louder Than a Riot (another hip-hop podcast that examines the relationship between rap and the prison system in the US)
Welcome to Night Vale (a silly horror/scifi series)
Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me (an NPR radio show, but since it’s available in podcast form I’m throwing it in here)


I love the old shows that came from radio!

Louder Than a Riot was fantastic. If it’s possible to have a podcast crush, Sidney Madden is the one for me. :joy:

totally gonna miss Molly!

Huberman Lab Podcast

I was recently introduced to the Ologies podcast, which I’ve enjoyed a lot so far!

I enjoy most of the shows from Malcolm Gladwell’s network. Especially like Revisionist History (except I didn’t love the most recent season).

Hidden Brain is one of my faves for sure. Almost always generates an interesting conversation between my partner and I.

Scene On Radio is probably top of my list right now. They’ve done seasons focusing on the impacts of patriarchy, whiteness, capitalism, and climate denial. Really impactful reporting!

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Hidden Brain, about why we act as we act. One of the best ever
Headspace, about mindfulness. Is very short, just a reminder
The intelligence, about world economic and politics


I listen exclusively to true crime and climbing podcasts… Park Predators is a pretty good one to mix the outdoors and crime. Mostly about missing people or murders in national and state parks.

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The Delta Flyers - Because I’m a NERD
Team Deakins - Cinematography deep cuts. Eh, I’m a steadicam operator & film professor.
Fly On The Wall - I heart Dana Carvey
Long May They Run - I’m a hippie
Stuff You Should Know - OG podsters