Parents, Partners, and Problems OH MY!

I’m interested in trying to connect with couples who climb TOGETHER and did so pre and post child.

My partner and I know a lot of people who have completely separate lives (it seems) and don’t partner together the way we’re hoping.

We are both climbers. I’m a 5.13 climber, and she is a 5.10 - 5.11 climber. Having this kid has definitely changed our entire outdoor climbing (hell even indoor) opportunities, but we’d love to hear from some people that still do it successfully.

How do you do it?
Do you bring other people?
Did you breastfeed at the crag?
Is taking separate days sometimes the only option?

And anything else you can think of!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I have no experience with this, but a friend of mine started rope soloing for this reason. She’ll take care of the kids as he lead rope solos up and builds a toprope. They take turns toprope soloing to warm up. Then they hop on their project for a quick burn, while the kids have to amuse themselves.

Seems complicated! But they say it works so who am I to say otherwise :slight_smile:

We did pretty well by ourselves till our daughter could crawl and walk then they want to move. The bouncy seat was the best for us during this period.

Once she wanted to move but couldn’t keep herself safe say 18 months to 4+ years a third person was key.

Now she is 5 and we can get by going without a third again

Feel free to DM me or etc for more questions

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We’re right in it- our son is 18 months old and we’ve struggled to find a groove. We tried taking him with us, but rope climbing with a wee one means minimum three adults, so that didn’t really work well for us. Sometimes my mom will take him, or we try to split days if we can. I’ve been trying to get out on weekdays when we’ve got childcare. My wife has definitely scaled back, but is starting to miss climbing and skiing and looking to get back into it more.

I’m looking forward to him being a bit older so he can come with and we can have a day out as a family, even if there isn’t that much climbing to be had.

In the end, it’s definitely changed things- our weekend priorities have become more about getting out and exploring the desert with our son instead of climbing as much.

All I can add is that I saw Randy Vogel (Joshua Tree guidebook author) and his partner set up a portable “pen” for their toddler at the crag years ago… That will work up to a certain age. I’ve also had luck bringing a friend for the kid when they are a bit older… Things will definitely morph and shift over time, and you will have to adjust depending on how much your kid enjoys being out and about. Your best bet is to not be too rigid about what you want and loose out on different types of fun/enjoyment that way.

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