Podcast Reboot

Hey everyone! First off, thanks for posting all of the Spotify Wrap Ups - It still boggles my mind that people listen to the degree you do!

We’re on target to hit 2 million downloads in January, and I’m going to celebrate by taking a break for a month or two since I haven’t taken a break since this thing started. Patrons will still be getting their episodes though!

I’m also considering a slight reboot of the podcast. We’ve moved to more Board Meetings as a result of Covid and me sticking to my rule of only interviewing new folks in person. This year, our top 10 most downloaded only includes two interviews. The rest are Board Meetings and What When How to Train episodes.

So I’m doing some polls to see what people want so that I can rethink this thing a bit.

  • No more interviews, there are enough of those out there.
  • One interview each month (or so).
  • Half interviews, half other episodes
  • Go all the way back to doing only interviews

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Enjoy the break! Thanks for all the content, and thanks for checking in to see what we’d prefer moving forward.

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I love interviews. There is so much knowledge out there from folks in our community—often times these folks are on the periphery of mainstream climbing media. You guys do a good job finding them and telling their stories.

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To be honest, when I go back and relisten to episodes, I personally put ‘meetings’ in the search field and go for one of those. Because these episodes are usually more planned, they end up being a lot more dense in terms of information. I usually listen to new interviews as well, but I rarely find myself going back to relisten to them.

Thank you for all of this amazing content!!!

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Interesting! I usually find myself going back for the interviews using the same logic. Unless I’m hunting for a specific thing (the board meeting title) I find the interviews to be more information sense and also variable.

Seems there are indeed many ways to paint the sky.

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I tend to listen to the board meetings more especially on relisten, but I’ll go back to interviews occasionally as well.

I’m curious if the energy and preparation that interviewing new people requires is far greater than the prep required for board meetings.

Certainly the in person aspect is more work of scheduling, travel if needed, etc, but I don’t do any real prep otherwise per se. I don’t want to know too much going in, and for the vast majority of the guests, it’s my natural curiosity that led me there, so beyond that I wait to talk to them.

Board Meetings, now that we have a good remote setup for, range from zero prep to maybe 30 minutes.

Obviously both are far more in reality, but I put that time into my normal exploration that I’d do whether recording or not.

The extra work comes in the back half. From the finish of recording, I can have a Board Meeting out in 15 minutes. An interview, with all of its pieces, social images, gathering links, etc, averages around 2.5 hours. I don’t mind doing that work, and as far as podcasts go, I think I get mine out faster than most folks since I have a good system in place.

I also have ideas for more directed content (spin-off series on specific topics or following a more linear line of thought, like we did with the What When How to Train series or The Hard Truth episodes), so I’ll be exploring all of that as well.

Thanks for the input everyone - keep it coming!

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I’ll also put this out there into the ether - beyond the new podcast coming (this week!!), Breaking Beta, I have several other completely different podcasts in various stages of development. One VERY ambitious one, as well as a couple of shorter, stand alone things and at least one outside of climbing.

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Really like the podcast, keep up the good work!

I think most podcasts will interview famous climbers. But honestly, I’d be just as interested in you interviewing someone who is on a more relatable level to me. Finding the right person with the right story could be difficult though.

@AmirNickname i don’t even remember the last famous climber I had on. I’m just not that interested in most of them.

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This is actually kind of an interesting comment on the climbing community (and the social media age, probably). I read this just now and went back through the archives and was like “He interviewed Kerry Scott like three weeks ago!” But I guess that’s not quite the same thing, huh? How odd.

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We just help make people famous @kylemfspurgeon ! :joy:

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I feel like all the other climbing podcasts I listen to training beta, nugget, honnold, Kalous, etc are already recycling the same people through their shows. I think some focus on everyday people or some of your clients and their experience ( like the kalous episode) could be great between Board meeting and other content you do. Keep up the great work though I’ll be happy with and listen to whatever you decide to put out.